Babycare for Helpers


Time & Duration
19-Mar-17 Sunday 1400 - 1700 3 hrs Eunos $95 Register

* price per pax

* workshop requires minimum number of registration to run

Contact Inspire 3hrs Private (Home Visit) $295 Register

per pax

Worried on your caregiver or maid's expertise in handling your baby?

Join us for a 3-hr session to acquire the essential knowledge on babycare.

InspireBaby™ Care for Parents, Helpers and Caregivers.

Babycare Workshop will include:

  • How to correctly hold your baby
  • How to change your baby’s nappy
  • How to safely bath your baby
  • Dressing and undressing your baby
  • Bottle feeding and feeding positions
  • How to correctly sterilize and sterilizing methods
  • Settling your baby after a feed and winding techniques
  • How to encourage a good sleep pattern for your baby
  • How to settle a crying baby and why babies cry
  • Weaning your baby onto solid foods and preparing home cooked foods
  • Playtime and how to enjoy your baby
  • Checklist on the babycare items in your home

This 3-hour class also contains practical demonstrations, and manuals for parents/ Helper/ caregiver.

Can’t step out of your home? Too busy?
Get Inspire Mum & baby to your doorstep! Private classes are available.


Suitable for fathers, mothers, grandparents and caregivers.


  • Classes are subject to changes. Please check with our service staff for confirmation. Certain courses require a minimum number before commencement.