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Water is a medium especially suited for pregnant women. It is therapeutic and supportive, allowing you to stretch and breathe far beyond your capabilities on dry land. The water will help to promote balance, energy, deep breathing and relaxation. Together they provide the optimum workout for you and your baby, and helps you prepare your body for birth.

The aims of Aqua Pregnancy are:

  • To enjoy a gravity-free environment
  • To open the pelvis
  • To stretch and strengthen the spinal and abdominal muscles
  • To gain control of the pelvic floor muscles so that you can relax them while giving birth
  • To expand your breathing capacity
  • To relax more deeply and release worries and fears
  • To ‘tune in’ with your growing baby

InspireMum™ Aqua Pregnancy can be a wonderful way to prepare your body and mind for birth, and to help you relax during pregnancy. Deeper, more expansive breathing is of great importance in inducing confidence and calm.

Breathing and relaxation are powerful tools to use for dealing with the emotional traumas of pregnancy. They create positive memories that the body can use efficiently in giving birth, and that babies may receive too.

As the uterus becomes heavier and its weight pulls on the ligaments of the pelvis in the third trimester of pregnancy, the lumbar curve in the spine tends to become more pronounced. To compensate for this as the body seeks to maintain balance, the thoracic curve can also become exaggerated, which may produce ‘waddling’ in late pregnancy.

InspireMum™ Aqua Pregnancy exercises prioritize the lengthening of lower back and simultaneous toning of the pelvic ligaments and leg muscles, which together ensure the correct progressive adjustment of the pelvis throughout pregnancy.

Rolling and looping hip movements help to open the hips while lengthening the spine and strengthening knee and ankle joints. These ample movements are much easier in water and can be done at all stages of pregnancy, helping to relieve backache. They help the mother-to-be find rhythm in movement for preparation for labour. The swimming strokes solely customised for prenatal help ease any strain and relax the muscles.

Floating is an extremely powerful form of relaxation which encompasses the body, mind and emotions. Floating relaxation, practiced safely, is an effective way to learn to relax quickly during pregnancy. Floating relaxation is also a time of exceptional intimacy between the mother-to-be and baby, in which they experience each other without external stimuli and with less of the usual train of thought that keeps the mind engaged in all the activities of the day. It allows a deeper state in which superficial worries and anxieties have no hold. The sheer magic of the growing child can be experienced in the present moment just as it is. This experience may facilitate bonding at the time of birth.

Can’t step out of your home? Too busy?
Get Inspire Mum & baby to your doorstep! Private classes are available.


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This course is suitable for all stages of pregnancy. Aqua Pregnancy can be practiced by swimmers and non-swimmers.

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Can't step out of your home? Too busy? Get Inspire Mum & baby to your doorstep! Private classes are available.

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