CardioPilates by Inspire Mum & Baby


What is CardioPilates?


If you wish to improve your fitness routine, and reduce your stress levels, look no further!


The Pilates method strengthens deep muscles and build flexibility to correct your body alignment. By incorporating into your practice controlled breathing, a concentrated mind, and flow of movement, Pilates is also a great was to relieve and release tension and stress.


This CardioPilates class is an intermediate to low-advanced workout that includes a combination of traditional Pilates exercises - focusing on form and the key principles, more contemporary exercises incorporating stretching, as well as low-impact cardio training to help burn off those excess calories! A typical session will start with a dynamic warm-up followed by a low impact Pilates-style High Intensity Interval (HIIT) workout. 


Time & Duration
Saturday 0900 - 1000 1 hr Eunos Register NA

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