Inspire Mum & Baby was birthed into fruition at Katong Mall in 2007.  

Since then, we have evolved from strength to strength covering a wide range of services to support family planning, lifestyle, health and bonding needs. We strongly advocate in catering for your specific needs and we care for each client personally.

We decided that fitness starts not just during pregnancy; it can be before, during and after. Going through the journey with your family makes the experience even more memorable. After all, fitness is all-inclusive – that is our belief.


And now we cover classes for Pre and Post-natal fitness, Aqua & Swimming, Baby, Toddler & Kids and also Therapy. Why such a diverse range? We believe that good health and a balanced emotional state should be accessible to everyone – from parents, children and beyond.

Pregnancy and birth is a beautiful journey where you may experience not only physical but emotional changes. We are here to Inspire you to keep going at your best so the experience remains positive and with reduction of discomfort.

You and your loved ones will feel Invigorated  and motivated as  you move towards embracing a new addition to your family.

How about after birth? Inspire continues to provide courses that will not only regain your physical strength and emotional well-being, you will be a mummy who continues to Illuminate throughout motherhood!

To top it off, we have playgroups and activities that will aid in developing your child’s motor skills, confidence and creativity skills. So no doubt, you are well covered with us!