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Creative Child Minding

What is Creative Child Minding?

Looking for meaningful activities to engage your child when you need to run errands or attend to something important? Look no further! Creative Nanny Child Minding caters a holistic program in caring for your child when you are away. Parents can have peace of mind and assurance that their children are being well cared for by our nannies in all areas. 
Our programme offers various activities to enhance all areas of child development, such as 'Come Alive' storytelling sessions, sensory exploration, art attack, music & movement, and reading and writing fun. 
Best of all, our children program offers great flexibility! Parents have the option to have their child attend the full 5 hour program or choose specific segments.

Why Creative Child Minding?

  • Children will be engaged in various types of activities in the child minding program.  These will include activities that will aid in their coordination and perception.
  • Children will interact with the facilitator and other children in the program of the age range and pick up social skills.
  • Children will enjoy a wholesome, age-appropriate experience in our child minding program.


Children Program Schedule & Structure: 

Every Tuesday & Friday, 1.00pm to 6.00pm - For 3 to 6 years

1.00pm: Free Play (Toys, Sensory Materials, Boxes, etc)

1.30pm: Music & Movement

2.00pm: Story Alive (Story telling, story re-enact with children’s interpretation, ideas, movement)

3.00pm: Hands-on Activities (Sensory, Art and crafts, Numeracy, science activities, etc)

3.30pm: Snack Time

4.00pm: Fun with Read & Write (Letters Sounds, Blending, reading, making simple books, creative expression/writing)

5.00pm: Outdoor/Active Play (Bubbles Fun, Outdoor Painting, Water Play, Messy Play)

6.00pm: Home Sweet Home

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