Kids Dancercise by Inspire Mum & Baby

Kids Dancercise


Why Kids Dancercise?

Get your little ones moving! Let them move to the rhythm, grooving it out or simply catching that beat, it is always good to get them start from young!


So, what does Kids Dancercise do?

Kids will work on their psychomotor skills. The will dance to a mix of hip-hop, R&B and top 40s music. There will be a lot of movement and a lot of fun!


The Benefits You will See

  • A Greater sense of coordination, movements, stamina and endurance, helping their physical development.
  • Interaction with peers, teachers, and cooperation advances kids social skills. Ideas from little ones are encouraged too!
  • Cognitive Developments by learning beat counting, creating movements from ideas given and putting rhythm to create an outcome – they learn and grow!
  • Emotional Growth as they gain confidence and creativity. Perhaps even being a more confident child.


All our kids classes are conducted by qualified instructors and are held in small groups for better focus


For our kids activities in Singapore REGISTER ONLINE or CONTACT US on 9234 1866. Inspire Package allows you to attend ANY Land & Aqua regular classes! 


  • Classes are subject to change. Please check with our service staff for confirmation.
  • This course requires a minimum of 6 attendees before commencement.
  • Classes that fall on Public Holidays will be postponed to the following date.
  • Please come 15mins before the start of the class.


Private Bookings

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