• Registration Fee: $50 one-time fee - applicable for first package sign up
  • Entry fee chargeable for lessons conducted in Sentosa

Terms & Conditions

  • No sharing of package and it is strictly non–transferable. Full payment to be made upon registration.
  • Private group sessions are conducted over consecutive weeks e.g. a 5 sessions
  • Private group members are required to attend the sessions together.
  • Cancellation policy applies to the entire group. No separate individual make-up classes.
  • The 10 sessions package is entitled to 2 additional weeks to make up any lessons missed. 
  • For outdoor pools only: For safety reasons, class will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather. Instructor will notify you directly about 1 hour prior to the start of the class if it needs to be cancelled and your session will be brought forward. However, class will continue permit e.g. light drizzle. 
  • Strictly no pictures and videos are to be taken during the duration of the class. Pictures and videos will be taken by the instructor and will be shared with you for keepsake. Photos of your child/children/ward(s) taken during the session may be used for publicity purposes, such as magazines, newspapers and online media. Should you not wish images of your child/children/ward(s) to be used, please inform us before commencement of the programme.