Venue Hire at Inspire Mum & Baby

Standard Booking Terms

  1. Hirers must complete a Venue Hire Application Form before a venue can be reserved.
    Payment in full is required to confirm the slots.
  2. For renewal, at least 2 weeks or based on other bookings are to be paid before confirmation of slot.
  3. A Security Deposit of
    • $100 will be required for studio and/or therapy room
    • $2000 will be required for swimming pool.
    • $2800 for entire premise

to cover possible losses or damage to the premises by virtue of the intended function. Deposits can be made by cheque only.

  1. Cheques should be crossed and made payable to “Inspire Mum & Baby Pte Ltd.”
  2. If there is no damage to the property or premises of Inspire Mum & Baby, the Security Deposit will be refunded between 3-10th of the following month.
  3. Hirers are able to cancel bookings up to 30 days prior to a booking. If a hirer cancels between 14 – 29 days’ notice, 50% of their payment will be forfeited. If less than 14 days’ notice, full payment will be forfeited.

General Booking Terms

  1. The Management may in their absolute discretion grant or refuse any application for the Venue Hire.
  2. Bookings are made strictly between the Management and the Hirer and are not transferable by the Hirer to any other party.
  3. No refund of the rental fees be pro-rated should the hirer reduced the hours or rent of the confirmed booking. Deposit will be refunded upon the checks and the deposit timeline as above.
  4. All hirers to declare their actual usage. Should there be any changes to the usage options, hirers need to inform management for approval.
  5. No shoes are allowed in the premises at all times.
  6. The hirer will be given access to the unit via thumbprint / access code. No entry is allowed at non-booked period.


  1. The charges for the hire of the venue shall be in accordance with the approved rates in force and the Manager shall decide the type of rates applicable to the function. The rates are subject to change without notice.

Facility Conditions and Restrictions

  1. Inspire Mum & Baby shall be entitled to use the Facilities during any time slots that are not booked by the Hirer. For this purpose, Inspire Mum & Baby shall be entitled to temporarily remove any props, equipment or materials. The Hirer shall render all reasonable assistance to Inspire Mum & Baby to facilitate such removal or reinstatement.
  2. For pool facility, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure safety for all pool users. Proper swim wear is required at all times. For babies and toddlers who are not toilet trained, they must put on two (2) layers of diapers (1st layer – disposable, 2nd layer – non-disposbale). If the pool is soiled, an additional penalty of $3000 will be imposed.
  3. Inspire Mum & Baby’s venues are not soundproof. As such, from time to time, sound from other venue users may be heard through walls and doors. While Inspire Mum & Baby endeavours to minimise booking clashes, Inspire Mum & Baby accepts no responsibility for any effect this may have on the Hirer or the Hirer’s guests.
  4. Over-amplification of sound by electronic devices that will cause annoyance to users of the premises or neighbours is strictly prohibited.
  5. The Hirer will not make any alterations or additions to the structure, facilities, goods, equipment or fittings at Inspire Mum & Baby.
  6. No glue, pins, screws, nails, scotch-tape, stickers or any such fitting and fasteners likely to deface any part of the premises shall be used, unless otherwise approved by the Management in writing.
  7. The movement of all materials, goods, equipment, furniture and such like articles should be properly lifted and carried and not dragged. Where heavy loads are applicable, the use of trolleys with rubber castors is recommended.
  8. The Hirer will replace, repair, reinstate or pay cost of replacing, repairing or reinstatement of any loss or damage suffered by Inspire Mum & Baby to its facilities or equipment caused by the Hirer’s guests or visitors, employees or contractors in connection with the use of Inspire Mum & Baby or its facilities.
  9. The Hirer will indemnify Inspire Mum & Baby against any loss, damage or injury suffered by any member of Inspire Mum & Baby caused by the Hirer, Hirer’s guests or visitors, employees or contractors in connection with the use of Inspire Mum & Baby or its facilities.
  10. The Management will not be responsible for nor will it be required to pay the cost of any loss, damage or injury caused to the Hirer, the Hirer’s guests or visitors, employees and contractors or their goods or equipment during the use of Inspire Mum & Baby or its facilities, for any reason whatsoever.
  11. The Hirer will ensure that all rubbish is bagged and tied securely, and thrown into the dump bins at Inspire Mum & Baby's bin. Odd sized materials are to be removed by the Hirer and not placed at Inspire Mum & Baby's bin. The Management will levy a daily charge on improperly disposed rubbish.
  12. The Hirer will, at the end of the use of Inspire Mum & Baby’s venue, leave Inspire Mum & Baby, its facilities, goods, services and equipment in a clean, safe and proper condition to the satisfaction of the Management. The Hirer shall be liable for any damage or loss arising from negligence on the part of the Hirer.
  13. The Hirer agrees, unless otherwise approved by the Management in writing, that all items belonging to the Hirer shall be removed immediately after the function, failing which the Management reserves the right to dispose or to destroy such properties as they may think fit. No claim whatsoever shall be made against the Management on account of such sale, disposal or destruction.
  14. The Hirer shall vacate the premises at the end of the period of hire.

Food & Beverage Catering

  1. The Management requires the Hirer to use the food & beverages services of our official caterer appointed by the Management.


1. The Hirer is solely responsible for crowd control. Organisers must ensure that the crowd does not loiter near our neighbours’ premises. Any Security Deposit will be forfeited if Inspire Mum & Baby receives any complaints in relation to crowd behaviour during the function.


1. The Hirer is required to adhere to all safety rules and regulations of Inspire Mum & Baby, both written and at the direction of Inspire Mum & Baby's duty staff.

2. There shall be strictly no smoking within Inspire Mum & Baby premises at any time.

3. Food and beverages shall not be served in the venue unless the Management provides prior permission.

4. Inspire Mum & Baby reserves the right to impose a penalty (the amount and the application of which shall be at the total discretion of the Management) should the Hirer’s function exceed this capacity.

5. Inspire Mum & Baby accepts no responsibility for providing adequate services, safety or security to the Hirer should the Hirer’s Function exceed this capacity.

6. In the event of an emergency or any other situation where the health and safety of the public is a concern, the Hirer and their staff, contractors, volunteers or any other persons brought onto the premises by the Hirer must obey the instructions of the Management's duty staff.

7. No electrical equipment or fittings of any kind shall be attached to or used in conjunction with the existing electrical switchgears or fittings without the written permission of the Management.

8. If at any time in the opinion of the Management there is serious likelihood that damage may be caused to Inspire Mum & Baby and/or its facilities or the manner in which any function or use is being conducted, or is proposed to be conducted, or is likely to be of an illegal nature, the Management may terminate the agreement by giving the Hirer notice in writing but without prejudice to any right or remedy of Inspire Mum & Baby for any breach by the Hirer of this agreement.

9. The Management reserves the right to refuse admission into the premises to any person(s) likely to cause disturbance, embarrassment or annoyance to others.

Force Majeure

1. No party shall be liable to any party for the failure or delay in performance of these Regulations if and to the extent that such a failure or delay is the result of Acts of God, governmental orders or actions, changes in legislation, war (declared or not), national emergencies, strikes, lockouts or other industrial, civil or public disturbance, fire or accident, or any event for which the relevant party cannot reasonably be held responsible.

2. If the Hirer should default in any manner under this agreement, Inspire Mum & Baby’s incurred expenses shall be payable by the Hirer on demand.

3. The Management reserves the right to add, amend, waive, cancel and/or suspend any of the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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