Joanna Tan

Joanna Tan

Joanna is trained in the Stott Pilates method, and continues to welcome the learning that she receives through teaching clients with different body mechanics.

An active sportsperson since young, swimming and running competitively, Jo found herself debilitated by sciatica pain when she was pregnant with her first child 18 years ago. It was then that she was introduced to pilates. Little did she realise that pilates will continue to play a big part in her life and she in turn would play a significant role in introducing its benefits to fellow practitioners.

Having been a practitioner for almost two decades, Jo continues to passionately improve herself as an instructor through workshops and courses including prenatal/ postnatal fitness, rehabilitation, and aqua fitness.

Jo's desire is to help her clients achieve their fitness goals in a fun, efficient, and safe way.She believes that this will translate to an increase in energy, less pain, improved endurance and strength, as well as a better sense of empowerment and well-being.

At Inspire, Jo teaches both classical and contemporary mat pilates including CardioPilates, Prenatal Pilates, as well as Aqua Pregnancy classes.

When not teaching, you will find Jo creating delicious dishes in the kitchen for her family, in a pilates class (yes!), in the pool, and enjoying her life with her husband Jon and her two children.