Birthing Movement Session by Inspire Mum & Baby

Birthing Movement Session


Why Birthing Movement session?


Birthing Movement is a 1hr session for the Birth Doula to assist you in the birthing movements to assist you in encouraging the baby to go lower to the pelvis, encouraging engagement, opening the pelvis, creating the space for the baby. This is useful for those prenatal moms who are close to the due date. 

Session content

  • Customized movements prior to labour easing tensions, aches, relieving cramps, water retention, and preparing your body for birth

  • Birthing Movements to encourage pelvis opening, speeding up labour and assist in dilation


This session is suitable for all couples or birthing moms who are keen to actively manage the birthing process. 


If you are too busy you can engage us in the comfort of your home !

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  • Classes are subject to changes. Please check with our service staff for confirmation. 
  • Classes that fall on Public Holidays will be postponed to the following date.
  • Please come 15mins before the class starts.



Time & Duration
1hr Home Visit / Private Register NA

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