Stretch and Movement Class by Inspire Mum & Baby

Stretch and Movement Class


Why Stretch and Movement?

Stretch and Movement Class is all about bringing release to the body and developing flexibility and stability through movement. Movement is present in our bodies even when we are not intentionally moving. In this class, we pay attention to the breath, circularity and flow within our bodies and coordinate them with our physical movement. This class was created in response to the compression our bodies experience in daily life, and the potential of greater ease of movement through releasing the tension and working effectively with gravity. 

So, what does Stretch and Movementdo?  

Through Stretch and Movement Class, students will also find greater body awareness, which contributes to self awareness. It is conducted with a gentle yet dynamic approach, and our goal is for students to leave the class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our instructors pace the class according to the needs of the students and offer modifications when needed. 

Stretch and Movement Class brings together elements of yoga and somatic techniques often used in contemporary dance. Each class begins with a warm-up, followed by stretches that a centered around a theme, such as circularity. The theme is then developed into bigger movements that integrate the whole body. Every class ends with a cool down and a short time of reflection. 

No prior experience needed. 


For our antenatal classes in Singapore REGISTER ONLINE or CONTACT US on 9234 1866. Inspire Package allows you to attend ANY Land & Aqua regular adult classes! 

** This is an ongoing class. You are most welcome to join the class anytime during the year. 


  • Classes are subject to change. Please check with our service staff for confirmation.

  • This course requires a minimum of 6 attendees before commencement.

  • Classes that fall on Public Holidays will be postponed to the following date.

  • Please come 15mins before the start of the class.


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