Inspire Mum & Baby Pte Ltd provides swimming and aqua services for prenatal moms, babies, toddlers, kids to adult. The school also renders aquatic therapy work for special needs, muscles tensions, aquatic flow massage and pain related problems.


We have assisted many babies and kids with low muscle tone to increase their awareness and strength, moms with sciatic nerve problem, joint issues, insomnia to ease their discomfort. 


Introduction of water confidence and safety in the gentle way, encouraging learning and confidence in the water for babies, kids and adults. 


Want to learn to swim? Inspire Mum & Baby has competent swimming instructors for all levels.

For baby and kids swimming, Inspire Mum & Baby is following Birthlight philosophy. It is a kind, gentle and effective approach. The aim is to care for both parent and baby/toddlers, to respect the individual and build confidence and trust. This is a non-competitive atmosphere. Your baby/toddlers will learn in a safe, fun and relaxed environment. 

Inspire Mum & Baby uses also the STA levels for kids certification so the kids progress accordingly to the STA standard conducted by our experienced coaches. 


We specialise in movements for fitness and prenatal needs. Get your body moving and into a fitter you.