Special Kids Swimming by Inspire Mum & Baby

Special Kids Swimming

Why Special Kids Swimming?

Inspire Mum Special Kids Swimming is a gentle technique to allow the child to move in the water. This technique creates the serenity for them in the water and promotes lots of benefits to their physiological and psychological being. This is specially created for children with down syndrome, low muscle tone and other muscular and coordination issues.

So, what does Special Kids Swimming do?

In Inspire Mum Special Kids Swimming, parents and caregiver are highly encouraged to engage in activities with them. Using the Birthlight way, babies are engaged with a trusted close adult carer through playful interaction in a fun and loving manner. This way, the special child would feel freer in water and enjoy being in the water.

Inspire Mum & Baby follows Birthlight philosophy and methodology "There is growing scientific evidence showing that special babies’ development in the first eighteen months is enhanced through playful interaction involving movement with a trusted close adult carer: special babies and toddlers feel freer in water and generally enjoy being in water. "

The Benefits You will See

  • Ease of tension (Relaxation) as water creates lots of "freedom" for the body.
  • Strengthens the muscular-skeletal development, increasing the muscle tone, mobility, motor skills, balancing, and coordination. This is done through stimulation of the vestibular system which contributes to the development of the brain and nervous system.
  • Promotes bonding! Parents will have an increased confidence in handling their child when both the parent and child are relaxed. When the child is relaxed in the water, the parent will relax.
  • Fostering a positive parenting and interaction through play in every session!


This is a one to one class.

For our swimming lessons for kids in Singapore REGISTER ONLINE or CONTACT US on 9234 1866.


  • Depends on the condition of the child, we do request parents to seek doctor's approval prior to signing up for the course.
  • Classes are subject to changes. Please check with our service staff for confirmation. Certain courses require a minimum number before commencement.
  • Classes that fall on Public Holidays will be postponed to the following date.
  • Please come 15mins before the class starts

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