Fire and Water 1

Course Description


Fire and Water 1 This course’s primarily focus is on basic meridian flow and major shiatsu points 

Aquatic Shiatsu, Fire and Water 1 offers a clear, coherent, and most importantly, an applicable base of knowledge for all water modalities participants. Whether you are practicing a water healing modality such as Watsu, Water Dance, or Aquatic Integration, this class will assist in understand the basics of the Oriental way of healing and also supports and deepens an understanding of one’s own healing modality. I feel very confident that this information is incredibly valuable for every water practitioner.

Shinzo has been teaching Shiatsu on land for over 30 years and developed Aquatic Shiatsu, Fire and Water in collaboration with Minakshi. Fire and Water is a joint venture designed to enhance Watsu, understanding specifically which meridian students are stretching and which major acupressure points students are palpating in the water. With Shinzo’s fire and profound knowledge of shiatsu, students will better understand the essence of “Yin and Yang”, while also enhancing the understanding of energy balance, assisting and creating the healing from within.

Fire and Water is taught on land, and in the water. On land, students are introduced to concepts of Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu specifically meridians and major acupressure points. In the water, guided by the Japanese bodywork theory, students practice gentle joint mobilizations, specific meridian stretches using point pressure on specific acupressure points. They will also experience the many benefits of Shiatsu, including a balanced flow of energy, deep relaxation and an overall feeling of well-being. Many even experience personal pain reliefs and an activated flow of the internal energy of “Chi” during this course.

Also, students will learn simple self-care elements and routines for their own health and well-being which can as well be used to teach self-care to clients which can enhance healing after the treatment session. 

* Aquatic Shiatsu, Fire and Water 1 fulfills the 50-hour Shiatsu requirement to become a Watsu Practitioner in USA. There are two levels of Fire and Water, Fire and Water I and Fire and Water II. Each level is a 50-hour class. Fire and Water 2 can be chosen as a 50 hour-elective in the process of becoming a Watsu Practitioner.  Fire and Water 2 focus is primarily on 5 element theory and major Shiatsu points yet also deepens the understanding of the foundations of Fire and Water 1. 

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

During the course students will:

• learn the basic concepts of shiatsu/oriental healing (meridians and acupressure points)

• learn the basic theory of Yin and Yang and how it is applied to create the balance for healing in the water

• learn the basic move of EASY (Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga) in the water to enhance one’s own understand the meridian flow and major acupressure points

• learn the locations of the meridians  

• learn how to palpate key healing points along the meridians including source points

• learn the 12 back points along the bladder meridian (Yu points).

• learn how to palpate each element in the hara (5 Element theory)

• learn the basic 5 Element theory

• learn to be able to educate their clients on very simple acupressure points. The client then applies pressure to their own points to keep their meridians open until their next session. This helps the student and client to assess together progress and teaches the client that it is a share responsibility for their own healing. In following sessions, the trusting bond between the student and client can grow much stronger. 

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Time & Duration
16-Sep-19 till 21-Sep-19 Monday 12.30pm - 9.30pm 50 hours $188 Register NA