Shiatsu I

Course Description 

 Students are introduced to the Japanese art of healing touch, Shiatsu.  This Japanese method, Shiatsu is taught to develop the student’s energetic and physical orientation toward working with the body.  This course presents the main oriental theory of Yin and Yang and the oriental philosophy through Aikido along with the techniques of Shiatsu necessary for the effective practice of massage.  Shiatsu is developed and practiced based on twelve meridians, and students will learn and practice how to release, stretches and tonify those meridians, along with oriental breathing, qui flow, intention and physical postures of the practitioner.  Students are technically learned both Seating and Prone Position with 30 basic acupressure points and how to effectively treat the specific problems.  A minimum of 30 hours is devoted to demonstration and practice of techniques.  Students have ample time each session to give and receive shiatsu under the supervision of the instructor.   

Course Objectives 

At the end of the 1st week each students will be able to:
1. Understand the twelve meridians in relation to surrounding anatomy and basic understanding of how to stretch and release the energy in each meridian.
2. Understand the main theory of Yin and Yang and learn how to balance through Shiatsu. 
3. Understand the basic 30-acupressure points and learn how to press in each point to tonify the whole body.
4. Understand the basic oriental diagnostic techniques applying the theory of Yin and Yang.
5. Understand the importance of breathing, qui flow, intention and physical posture.
6. Do Shiatsu on Seating and Prone position either table and/or floor.
7. Understand the Self-Care Shiatsu Yoga on land, basic level.
8. Understand the Self-Care Shiatsu Yoga in the warm water, basic level.



Info & Registration:


Time & Duration
22-Sep-19 till 27-Sep-19 Contact Inspire 9.30am - 6.30pm 50 hours $1800 Register NA