Toddler Swimming Teacher Training by Inspire Mum & Baby

Toddler Swimming Teacher Training

This birthlight short course fills the gap between parent and baby swimming and children’s swimming instruction. During the transition to independent movement when toddlers’ physical contact with their parents is often diminished, Birthlight Toddler Swimming supports loving and playful contact and provides a positive shared experience. Birthlight Toddler swimming classes are popular with fathers.

Who is this course for?

The course is open to:

Birthlight baby swimming teachers (level 1 + 2)
All qualified swimming teachers (including STA baby & pre-school holders)
Applicants without swimming qualifications, particularly if they have experience with babies
Applicants should be able to swim 25 metres comfortably without the use of swimming aids and be confident in submerging themselves. A CPR qualification is also highly recommended. Life Saving skills are required for those planning to work in pools without a lifeguard on poolside.

Applicants who do not hold a Birthlight Baby Swimming Certification are required to complete a bridging module in order to enable them to gain sufficient background for the course.

Birthlight Baby swimming teachers can also use this module for CPD purposes.

Course outline

Toddler swimming offers a structured base for parents to interact positively with their 1-4 year old children in water to facilitate their transition to independent swimming with confidence.

The aims of the course are:

To equip Baby Swimming teachers with resources to a) effectively integrate toddlers new to water in aquatic classes and b) offer toddlers with experience of baby swimming classes skills and incentives to progress to fully independent swimming
To establish best foundations for body balance and strokes, using birthlight techniques for teaching rotations and surfacing to breathe
To impart life-saving skills through progressive techniques for jumping and turning back to raft or poolside
To enhance physical wellbeing and stimulates communication between parents and their children in ways that nourish the spirit and strengthen family bonds. Songs and games based on years of teaching experience are used to facilitate effective skill integration in a playful and relaxed atmosphere.
How is this course assessed?

The Birthlight Toddler Swimming short course is assessed by means of a practical, followed by coursework  including a case-study over four group sessions with a minimum of 3 parent/toddler pairs and a book/DVD review. Coursework must be completed within six months following the course.

What qualification is gained on this course?

On successful completion of the course and coursework, candidates gain a Birthlight Certificate of Training in Birthlight Toddler Swimming that entitles them to teach aquatic classes for children aged 18 months to 3-4 years with their parents or adult carers.

Payment via paypal will have 5% charge. Bank transfer payment is highly recommended.