Raves, Reviews, Praises

Inspire has had the pleasure to serve many valued clients and we are proud that many students are still with us today. We appreciate those who have taken the time to pass along these wonderful comments regarding our classes and services.

Birthing Movement Workshop

"Now we know what to expect! Thanks!"


"Good and Helpful!"


"We like the practical lesson. The Educator is really nice. She can give advice and share the experience with us. The overall service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"

Kristine Koh (23 weeks) and Raymond Yeong

"We like the practical lesson. The knowledge on the process of labour and steps on taking care of the baby is what I liked the most. The instructor helps me to feel comfortable. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"

Quek Hwee Pheng (8 months)

"The educator keeps the class simple and focus on the important areas such as the delivery process and more. With a informal style and lots of sharing of experience from the educator, it helps me to feel more comfortable. I am very happy with the service in Inspire Mum & Baby!"

Chong Ee Rong

"The intimacy, privacy and interaction was great! We also love the practical session where we learnt how to take care of our newborn. The educator was very nice and allowed us to voice out our questions throughout the session to ease my worries. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"

Irma Hadi Surya


"I can feel my husband's involvement in this class, and I can see how serious he was in it! We enjoyed the breathing practice, massage, and couple dance. I feel both physically and mentally good as the instructor teaches my husband the right place to massage me! We were very Satisfied, and the instructor uses her experience to answer all our concerns sincerely."

Kang Kyung Ah

"The necessary knowledge that we need to know about birthing and we have all the chance to practice during the workshop! The Instructor was assuring and patient! Class was excellent!"

Lynette Tay

"It's great to hear real life experience here! We enjoyed the interactive part of the class where husband and wife get to be hands on practical. I felt comfortable and confident. This workshop was excellent as always!"


" Many scenarios were provided! Class was very professional yet casual and very applicable to what we will expect!"

Lim Sock ling

"We will recommend to others!"

Ooi Maxi

"Enjoyable and useful!" 

Hazel Long

Pre Natal Massage

"The massage room is nice, the therapist and service is good."

Christine Tan, 4 months

"The massage is relaxing. The therapist makes me feel comfortable throughout the session. Helps me to ease my back pain. It was a pleasant experience."

Jun Lau, 5 months

"I like the back and leg massage. The Therapist makes me feel comfortable by reconfirming on the massage pressure. The service here is good!"

Gaya, 6 months

"I like the pre-natal massage and the service here. They really cater to your needs."

Angie Ho, 38 weeks

"The atmosphere is peaceful and comfortable. The pressure is focused on the place required and the therapist ensures I am in a comfortable position. It was a good experience."

Kris Ho, 4 months

"The massage is very soothing and relaxing. The Therapist uses the right strength and seek appropriate feedback on areas massaged. The Inspire's Team is very friendly and makes customers feel welcome and comfortable."

Chew Kum Yee, 22 weeks

"I like the overall massage. The Therapist places me in a very comfortable position. The service here is good!"

Penny, 6 months

"The pressure the therapist uses is just right and the technique is good. She is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the client. I felt very satisfied with the service in Inspire Mum & Baby."

June, 7months

"I like the leg massge the most. The therapist is friendly and have  very good skills. I like the overall service and it's good!"

Janice Quek, 6months

"The therapist is always checking whether if I am comfortable at all times, the massage was good and the massage cream used was perfect. I like the friendly and personalised service at InspireMum!"

Lydia Yeo

"The therapist was nice and friendly, not only that, she would always check if I am doing fine throughout the massage, making me feels safe and comfortable. I like the overall service and it's good!"


Pre Natal Yoga

"The class is rather comfortable and we are more informed on the poses of yoga that help in our pregnancy. I like the sharing of knowledge and the experience gathered in being a mum."

Efon Cheong, 7 months

"I loved the breathing exercises the most! It was very good!"

Noviana Darmadji

"It was a very useful, gentle and relaxing workout for first time mothers! The instructor was also very friendly and easy to talk to. The service provided was EXCELLENT!"

Alisha Nanwani

"The infomative and interactive instructor taught me lots of different stretches that I am not aware of, which helps me to furthur relax myself in my daily life. It was great!"

Gene Wan

"I loved the ambience of the studio room and after the gentle workout I felt strenghten and relaxed! Not only that, the instructor is friendly and takes times to do a proper instructions. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was good!"

Tina Wahi

"The calming and professional instructor taught me various relaxing and stretching that helps me to loosen up all the joints and stress. The service provided was very good!"

Jennifer Hewit

"The impact knowledge on breathing and importance of strengthening muscles nearer to my delivery was the best experience/knowledge gained. I enjoyed the interaction of the instructor guidance.The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was good!"

Joanne Low

"It's very relaxing and useful to practise everyday. I feel much healthier and energised. The instructor explained each step very clearly."

Nicole, 18 weeks

"It's very interactive. I like the lessons and gathered useful tips. It's a good pre-natal exercise. The instructor is very patient in explaining all the exercises."

Tan Ling Cher, 6 months

"The place is very friendly and the class is very relaxing. The people here are very understanding and listen to your issues and helped me alot with my stress better. The instructor is very calm and talked me through all the posesand to correct them comfortably. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is excellent!"

Avani Dalal, 4 months


Baby First Aid & CPR workshop

"We received comprehensive and clear instructions at the workshop, the instructor was friendly and we are very satisfied in attending this!" 

Tai Yen How, 12 Mar '16

"Our Instructor was very patient, clear and there was room for practice with detail guidance. Not only the medical knowledge was well-shared across, whenever we had any questions, it was all answered promptly!"

Barbara Yu, 12 Mar '16

"The instructor is friendly and I like the overall service by Inspire Mum & Baby!"

Sharon Quek

Xylia Ong, 4 months old

"The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good!!"

Pauline Sim

Mak Jia-en, 5 months old

"The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!!"

Monika and Bernd

Bastian, 5 months old


"I am very satisfied with the service in Inspire Mum & Baby"

Pearl Ng

Leia Ngow, 2-month old

"Overall, the place is good and very informative."

Sharron Tan 

Ashton, 4 months old

"Very good and friendly service here!"

June Whey 

Gianna, 1.5 months old

"We like the nice environment, soft lighting and music. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good."

Agnes & Mark 

Joshua, 4 months old

"The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good. Make the parents and babies very comfortable and it's a friendly place." 

Ms Gek Khoon

Jamie, 8 months old


"we liked how there were lots of demostration in the worshop, instructor was engaging and friendly!"


"Enjoyed the hands-on session at Baby Massage Workshop!"


" I got to learn about all the different oils and their use, the workshop gave a warm and friendly feel, it's a very efficient class! "

Lentia Cheong 

" I feel comfortable with the calm music and voice by the instructor." 

Ms. S. Ong 

"The service here is good"


"The service is really good here"

Madam Jasmeet Kuar

"The staff and instructors are very friendly, it was such a pleasant experience"

Mrs Ong

"The service in Inspire is really good. They even helped me to babysit my infant."

Ms Ruth Soh

"The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is really good. The place is nice and cosy."

Ms Elaine Chow

"Learning how to bathe a baby is the best experience in class!"

Esther khoo 



Mummy & Daddy Pilates

"I enjoyed the muscle toning exercise the most! Most importantly, the small class size and encouraging instructor allows one to have more attention throughout the session. The service over at InspireMum is great!"

Sandy Low

"Inspire Mum & Baby really have excellent staff and snacks!" 

Mr Gabriel Chan

"The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good and individualised"

Selina Tay / John Hwang

"The place is relaxing, they have clean room and the staff are rather flexible, personal and sincere"

Ruth Soh and Gabriel Chan


Yoga Camp

"This is the first time my kids are doing yoga. It's a new experience, very interactive and relaxing for the kids. They really enjoy it very much!"

Mrs Ong

Zachary, 9 & Chloe, 6

"Jeevna loves the the class work and painting"

Mrs Jasmeet Kaur

Jeevna, 4

"Celest loves the T-shirt painting session the most and she looks forward to going the next day! Not only that, the instructor had done a great job to make her feel comfortable in the class."

Ms Irene Cheng

Celest, 7

"He really enjoyed himself doing the yoga poses and relaxation part! "

Ms Amy Chan

Elgin, 5

Fun Kids Camp

"I like it and it's a fun filled day for me. I like the experience of making new friends and playing games. The teachers treated me equal with the other kids. I felt great!"

Adam Chern (9 yrs old)

"My kids like the part of learning massage, decorating T-shirts and Pilates. I liked the part that they put their skills of massaging onto mummy and daddy. The games and story telling let my kids feel very comfortable. THe services in Inspire Mum & Baby is friendly and warm."

Catherine Teo

Jacqueline, 8yrs old & Samatha,6 yrs old

"The camp is really fun and I enjoyed very much!"

Chua Yu Heng (7 yrs old)

"It was fun and they really enjoyed very much. They made many new friends and wanted to attend the next holiday camp with Inspire Mum & Baby!"

Sean/ Ron

"She likes it and its fun! She want to attend the next coming camp!"

Xing Fen (6 yrs old)


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