Post-natal Massage by Inspire Mum & Baby

Post-natal Massage

A post-natal body massage is a wonderful way to heal and ease the discomfort following your pregnancy and delivery.

Our proprietary massage with Javanese and Meridian wraps effectively decreases swelling, relieves pain and regulates hormones.

This promotes total womb wellness and helps new mothers to a speedy recovery from delivery – normal or caesarean.




  • Relieve neck and shoulder pain from carrying and breastfeeding baby
  • Help to restore the uterus to its original state
  • Help to eliminate excess body fluids and reduces fluid retention
  • Help in weight loss
  • Increase blood circulation

Massages are usually done in the comfort and privacy of your home during the confinement period.

Post-natal massage can commence anytime between the 5th day to before 3 months after normal delivery.

In the event of a caesarean section, post-natal massage can only be performed after the incision has closed properly – usually about 2-4 weeks after delivery. Before then, mummies can still be massaged on other parts of their body to soothe body aches and relives water retention, without disturbing the fresh wound on the tummy.

Transport fee is included in all our post-natal massage packages, regardless of where you live!**

*customers can opt for home service with additional $30

**with the exception of Sentosa


Treatment is by Beauty Mums & Babies


Time & Duration
Contact Inspire Contact Inspire 1hr Tanjong Katong $189 Register
75 mins
$189 persessions
7 sessions: $1029
10 sessions $1359
15 sessions $1899

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