Pre-Natal Massage

Massage helps the body to better adapt to changes, reduces stress to the heart and body, increases oxygen to the body and improves blood circulation. During pregnancy, massage benefits the foetus and aids speedier recovery from surgery. Enjoy this service by our experienced masseurs trained in Pre and post-natal massage, in the comfort of our rooms or in the privacy of your home.

Studies have found that during pregnancy, the heart increases total blood volume by 30 to 50 percent, the lungs increase oxygen consumption by 10 to 20 percent, which then requires a 30 to 40 percent increase in inhaled air. During pregnancy, the digestive system must also handle increased food intake. The stomach, diaphragm and intestines are pushed upwards because of the enlarged uterus. Blood flow in the kidneys increases by as much as 35 percent and filtering function increases by as much as 40 percent. Increased urination and urine leakage result from pressure on the bladder by the uterus. Rashes, breakouts and discolouration can plague the skin. Weight gain which is most common, increases the curvature of the lumbar spine and stress further on the bones and joints. A hormone called Relaxin, makes the ligaments more stretchable and subsequently makes the joints less stable.

How often do you hear pregnant women commenting: 'Am I ever going to look normal again?', 'I'm running out of breadth!', 'My back is really killing me', 'I'm out of breath!', 'My body is loosely out of proportions, its all going in different directions!'

These are all but normal body changes that a woman undergoes during pregnancy. Some are very uncomfortable while others really stressful. Many women today, are discovering the many benefits of massage; pre- or post-natal, which can alleviate several of these discomforts plus benefit the body and the foetus in several ways.

Massage can:

  • Increase blood circulation and reduce stress on the heart thus keeping blood pressure in check
  • Ease muscle stiffness, tightness, tension and cramps
  • Remove waste products through the lymphatic & circulatory system which combats fatigue
  • Relieve headaches, backaches, stiff neck, sciaticam, edema and sore feet
  • Stabilise the hormone system
  • Increase muscle flexibility
  • Relax the muscles and body thus improving sleep
  • Prepare and loosen the pelvis for an easier child birth
  • Reduce tension thus improves breastfeeding and better milk production
  • Speed up healing from surgery or operation
  • Realigns the pelvis after birth
  • Relieves soreness and stiffness after childbirth

Different range of oils can be used to prevent stretch marks, calming effect and rejuvenate yourself.

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Massage oil will be provided. Clients are required to advise our masseurs of any health conditions prior to massage.


Time & Duration
Time & Duration
Contact Inspire 90mins $1100
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