Antenatal Workshop (Module 1-4) by Inspire Mum & Baby

Antenatal Workshop (Module 1-4)

Inspire Mum & Baby - the ONLY holistic pregnancy studio in Singapore, believes in making birth, health and learning positively memorable

Inspire Mum & Baby Antenatal Workshop is facilitated by highly trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, Linda Tan, whohas practical experience with prenatal women for many years, from early pregnancy to birth from fitness, birthing to therapy.  

Our antenatal classes provide hands-on experience, allowing you to better prepare and make the best decisions for you and your baby. We recommend prenatal couples to attend the workshops from week 31 onwards.


There are 4-session antenatal workshops that can be combined or joined as individual workshops to best suits your needs:

  1. 4 weeks session with 2h and 30 min per session.
  2. 2 weeks session - 5 hours session duration


Antenatal Group Classes Rates per Couple:

  1. Full 4 weeks session: $750
  2. Individual session:      $220
  3. Price is per couple. Individual pax rate is $120 (for babycare only) 


Antenatal Private Classes Rates (in your premises) per Couple:

  1. Full 4 weeks session: $1700
  2. Individual session:      $450
  3. Price is per couple. Individual additional pax rate is $150 (for babycare only)


Module 1 - Labor and Birth

Labor and Birth Workshop is a hands-on workshop focusing on preparing you to a better birth.

Covered Topics:

  • Labour– what to expect & how to identify the signs
  • Birth plan– what is it & how to create one
  • Understand labour terms & options (induction, episiotomy, caesarean, etc.)
  • Prenatal Nutrition and Health
  • Understand pain management options and benefits (hypnobirthing, water birth, epidural, etc)
  • Birth preparationas a couple (Relaxation, partner support, mental & emotion preparation)
  • Breathing Exercises preparing you for birth
  • Different types of birthing scenarios and preferences
  • Hypnotherapy techniques assisting in labour
  • Perineum massage techniques and benefits


Module 2 -Birthing Movement and Birth preparation Techniques

Birthing Movement and Birth Preparation workshop prepares couples how to encourage drug-free birth through movements, breathing and massage techniques.   

Covered Topics:

  1. Partner-assisted massage techniques to reduce discomfort, aches and cramps before and during labor
  2. Birthing Movement - to encourage active birthing and assist in dilation
  3. Four stages of labor
  4. Techniques of natural birthing, minimising the need for pain relief
  5. Birth Plan Review
  6. After Birth & Baby- uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact, golden hour after birth


Module 3 - Postnatal Care and Breastfeeding

Postnatal Recovery and Breastfeeding Workshop will discuss on recovery processes after birth, postnatal support, breastfeeding benefits, positions and methods.

Covered Topics:

  1. Postnatal Care- physical health, pelvic floor and postnatal recovery
  2. Postnatal Mental Health -  Baby Blues, Postnatal depression, & support
  3. Postnatal Nutrition Plan
  4. Breastfeeding- positions, methods, dietary needs, milk supply, breastmilk storage
  5. Infant care and Massage Therapy - importance of baby massage, steps, colic, wind, reflux, managing a gas to breastfeed babies
  6. Coping with newborn


Module 4 - Baby care and bottle feeding

Baby care and bottle feeding is a hands-on workshop for parents, as well as baby caregivers and helpers. We will cover topics related to baby care and understanding baby needs, bottle feeding, bathing and baby changing.

Covered Topics:

  1. Baby Needs – baby cries, baby cues, baby holds
  2. Baby Care - Baby bath, baby changing, and diaper changing
  3. Baby Development Milestones
  4. Baby Sleep
  5. Bottle Feeding
  6. Baby Wearing- tips and safety precautions


Time & Duration
Contact Inspire 2.5hr Home Visit $1700 Register NA
25-Jul-21 till 15-Aug-21 Sunday 0930-1200 2.5hr Tanjong Katong $750 Register NA