Babycare for Helpers by Inspire Mum & Baby

Babycare for Helpers

Why babycare for helpers?

Your helper has no experience with babies. You want her to have sufficient knowledge to handle your baby correctly. This workshop answers your needs. Your helper will learn all the basics to take care of your baby.

Workshop content:

  • How to correctly hold your baby
  • How to change your baby’s nappy
  • How to safely bath your baby         
  • Dressing and undressing your baby
  • Breastfeeding techniques and common problems
  • Bottle feeding and feeding positions
  • How to correctly sterilize and sterilizing methods
  • Settling your baby after a feed and winding techniques
  • How to encourage a good sleep pattern for your baby
  • How to settle a crying baby and why babies cry
  • Weaning your baby onto solid foods and preparing home cooked foods
  • Travelling with an infant
  • Immunisations
  • Playtime and how to enjoy your baby
  • Checklist on the babycare items in your home

This 3-hour class also contains practical demonstrations and manual for parents.

If you are too busy you can engage us in the comfort of your home !


Call us now at  9234 1866 to enquire.


Suitable for fathers, mothers, grandparents and caregivers.

You can register online or contact us at 9234 1866. 


  • Classes are subject to changes. Please check with our service staff for confirmation. Certain courses require a minimum number before commencement
  • Please come 15mins before the class starts.


Time & Duration
Contact Inspire 3hrs Private (Home Visit) $295 Register

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