Studio Rental

Looking for a studio space in the East?

We have just the space for you at our East location!

Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Playgroup, Talks, Workshops... We have all the props for your yoga classes (bolsters, mats, blocks, straps, blankets), whiteboard, chairs, etc.

Peak Hours (PH): Weekdays after 6pm, Saturday and Sunday before 5pm 

Off Peak Hours (OPH): Weekdays before 6pm, Saturday and Sunday after 5pm

Rental Rates:

Adhoc:  $55/ hour (PH) / $45/ hour (OPH)

Studio Lite: (Regular > 1x weekly/ 4hrs per month) $45/ hour (PH) / $35/ hour (OPH)

Studio Max: (Regular > 5x weekly/ 20hrs per month) $40/hour (PH) / $25/hour (OPH)

Studio Day: $250 (9-6pm)

Studio Sat/Sun: $370 (9-6pm)

Studio Nite: $125/3hr (7-10pm)


  • Additional chair is chargeble at $2/chair 
  • Rectangular table is chargeble at $10/ table
  • Small wooden table is chargeble at $2/ table 
  • Whiteboard provided at no additional charge. Markers and flipchart papers borne by booking party. 
  • Projector rental at $40. 
  • Mats and all yoga props such as balls, yoga straps, yoga bolsters, blocks are provided at no additional charge. Please handle with care. 
  • Booking fee to be paid in advance. 
  • Any catering involved, premise needs to be clean up to original condition. Extra $50 chargeable if F&B involved. 
  • Rates are based on hourly. Any extra hours will be pro-rated accordingly. 
  • Deposit of $50 applicable for any booking (refundable)  

Terms & Conditions Apply.




Time & Duration
Contact Inspire Any days 0900 1hr wis@changi $55 Register
Please advise us on your booking time accordingly